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My experience

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 12, 2016 7:47 pm

I'm ashamed.
Ashamed because I'm 21 with two children of my own I use social networking sites like Facebook along with Instagram, snap chat etc to keep family updated with progress of not just mine but my children's also.

"I certainly didn't expect to be cyber bullied"
When this happened, I for one felt weak, stupid, foolish and pathetic. For listening engaging or encouraging them to insult me further. ( not that I was asking for it)
As most of you have experienced any form of bullying you already know how hard it Is to shut off and block the crap out that's been said and even more so when it's public on a social networking site where ever Tom, dick and Harry can see it and comment on it.
You're mind fills with thoughts and you're eyes fill with tears. You feel like everyone is joining in, you feel like everyone has got something bad to say.
You find you're self checking for further comments further updates, or further humiliation.
You end up getting you're self into a state thinking "why me" what did I do wrong??
My story goes like this -
So on the 3rd of June, a friend on Facebook had informed me that something had been put on Facebook, after checking I was stunned to know my name had been mentioned.
I didn't hesitate to message the person who created it.
He was calling me twisted and sick. I was confused, I was still trying to get my head around my name being on a post and now someone is calling me sick and twisted?? I was being accused for something I hadn't done, my heart jumped out of my mouth
I denied this and the person just carried on with the abuse. I was stunned. As the hours go by, people started writting nasty comments
'She's a mong, she's a scruff' etc etc.
I was getting messages saying I would pay for what I had done (BY THE WAY NO EVIDENCE TO SAY IVE DONE WHAT IM BEING ACCUSED OF)
I turned my phone off and went to bed thinking I would wake up the next morning to it being some kind of mistake?? I was wrong I woke up to a mountain of messages saying I wasn't worthy of breathing the same air as everyone, and that I would have to commit
Suicide before someone does it for me. Again I was stunned shocked and sickened by this.
I will not sugar coat things but the guy who started all this was once family through marriage and as a result of both families clashing this is what I face.
The guy was still messaging me
"Admit to what you've done or be hated by the whole town for the rest of you're life'
Of course I WILL not admit to something I'm
Not responsible for, and I will not give in to this guys blackmail no matter how much pain he causes me. He called me a stupid slag and left the conversation
I really couldn't believe my eyes, I was still being called nasty things being told that i would receive a makeover, that I had to watch my back.
My pictures from Facebook was being shared, and I was being laughed at. I was asked to send a picture of my boobs(WHICH I DIDNT DO). I was told to kill my self again and jump off north bridge to do my kids a favour, and that my mum made a very big mistake keeping me.
I just couldn't take no more - everyone has their limits.

After the police not being much help I took to the web (Google), when I was shocked to see they were no help for adults who suffer at the hands of bullies. I called a few numbers and still didn't find any help.
The whole point of this is- it doesn't matter what you're age is- everyone can be a victim of these bullies EVERYONE. I want to help people I hate feeling the way I do, I hate feeling down.
I will leave my email in the comments - feel free to drop me a message if I can be of somewhat help


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